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No Kells Road Races in 2018 - Unfortunately there will be no racing this year at the Crossakiel circuit. Please see below for details of this weekends classic run though
March progress report for June 23rd\24th Races - Update on 2018 Kells Road Races – June 23rd\24th Plans are forging ahead for the June race weekend in Kells. The Crossakiel circuit is in terrific shape again despite the unseasonal weather of late and huge efforts are ongoing with local authorities to ensure the success of the meeting. Tremendous work has returned sponsors for […]
Introducing the 2018 Kells Road Racing Supporters club and monthly raffle - Kells Road Racing would like to announce a rejuvenated Supporters Club and rewards programme. Beginning this month, all new members registered in 2018 will be entered into a monthly draw for Dukes DVD’s and prints. Congratulations to our January winner Darren Campbell from Moate who won the Keith Amor print To join, simply email us […]
NO KELLS ROAD RACES IN 2017 - Hi guys just to clarify Kells will NOT be running this year unfortunately.Seems to be a little confusion,thanks for the messages. It’s seems we are on a road race listing for 2017 as running on 18th June. Watch us in 2018
A GREAT LOSS - It is a very sad day in the motorcycle community with the loss of Conor Keogh, one of our heroes with the MCUI Medical Team SC, who dedicated himself to helping the sport and our riders. Thank you Conor for all your help at Kells over the years. The club would like to pass our […]